Norris Lake Pontoon Boat Rentals

Norris Lake WaveRunner Rentals

Sunchaser Pontoon boat! Enough room for 8-12 people.

Rental reservations scheduled by phone only through 7/31/19. Please call 865-278-3131 for availability.

Use two clicks/taps to select start and end day. For same day rentals, double click same day. If you are renting for 2 or more days you must select FULL DAY(s) from the time slot! Time slots are for 8 hour rentals only. You must pay your non-refundable deposit or your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

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8 hours 175.00
1 Day 225.00
2 Days 350.00
3 Days 495.00


4 Days 630.00
5 Days 775.00
6 Days 850.00
7 Days 995.00